BeBe Identity

Photographed as thoughtful beings, the dolls are in inorganic

representation of the conscious persona.  Through the use of

analogous imagery,    the artist prompts the viewer to construct

personal meaning and thus subjectively interpret the thoughts of

each doll.  In the end, the viewer is left with the discordant

awareness that the thoughts they have attached to what they have

observed is not  and never will   be a living thing. Evocative,

repressive and disturbingly sexual, Bebe exposes the stark

imperfections of humans through the safety of inanimate objects

“Quintessentially tortured art derived from exploited dolls reinvented as beauty queens gone awry.  Nymphism serves as a portal to a wormhole of consciousness punctuated by female objectification, vanity and social values with pedophilia creeping at the edges.”

                                                                                                     Nada Marjanovich

  Publisher & Editor

       Long Island Pulse